Colour / Material: Gold plated solid silver
Diameter: 5.8 cm
The knot: 1.5 cm
Other details: Store your jewellery in a pouch.

Do you want it bigger or smaller?
Be careful about the shape of the bracelet. Because the bracelet is made of solid silver, it is sensitive to hard pressure. Therefore, do not bend the knot bracelet back and forth. If you want the bracelet to sit a little tighter on the wrist then do this. Gently push the cuff once when you have sat on it so that it feels as tight as you want it. Then leave it in that shape when you remove the bracelet. And do not bend it back and forth any more after you press it.

Some of our jewellery we see as genealogy for they have joined and created Sophie by Sophie and is the definition of our motto, classic with a modern twist. Our knot bracelet or Knot cuff as we call it is such a piece of jewelry.

The knot bracelet includes the definition of timeless jewellery that has both character, ambition, and will. The knot is for us a symbol of friendship and love. A perfect love gift or friendship gift to someone close or why not to yourself.

Our knotted bracelet is a rigid bracelet made of solid rhodium-plated silver or gold-plated silver. Our ambition with our Knot cuff is that it should be that timeless piece of jewelry that you can wear every day and hopefully become your new daily companion.

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