Get to know our materials

Our collections consists of precious metals, rhodium plated silver, gold plated silver and 18K gold and also gold- and rhodium brass. You should be aware that metal may darken or tarnish with normal wear.

- Excessive light, heat or moisture may compromise the quality of the gemstones, pearls and the plating. The colour of some gemstones, pearls may fade with prolonged exposure to the sun. Avoid the risk of summertime sadness by saving your jewellery for evenings or the shade.

- Our gemstones and pearls used in our collections are natural, they will vary in shape, size and colour. Inclusions may be seen in some natural stones and they are part of their natural beauty.

- Pearls may loose their lustre when exposed to products like soaps and perfumes. Pearls and most gemstones are delicate and special care should be taken when cleaning with chemicals and ultrasonic cleaners.

- Silver may oxidize and darken from contact with the natural salts and minerals on your skin. Special jewellery shops sell silver polish dips that can bring back the shine to your jewellery.

Beautifully handcrafted jewellery combining the highest quality materials with stunning gemstones, pearls and diamonds, step in to Sophie's sparkling world


Jewellery care-guide

Flagship store

Welcome to our Flagship Store! We have finally opened our flagship store at Nordiska Kompaniet in Stockholm. A green velvet jewellery box filled with the latest jewellery news, fine diamond pieces, Limited Editions and beautiful gifts. Come visit us!