"I founded Sophie by Sophie in 2006 after a youth filled with treasure hunting my grandmother’s eccentric jewellery collection and exploring all the gems and precious stones I could find. I loved how sparkling beauty could spring from rough mountain rocks and how that softness and roughness together created a magical fusion.

My vision is to create playful jewellery that marries timeless pieces with an edgy and modern twist. Chrysophrase is my favourite rock, both because of its apple green and vibrant colour and shape as well as it purpose to encourage, be bold and eliminate negativity.  A bit like me, I guess! I hope you will enjoy my corner of the world."

/Sophie, Founder & Designer of Sophie by Sophie


Sophie Gyllenhammars' love of jewellery was instilled in her at a very young age, shaping her brand in many ways. She launched her brand 'SOPHIE by SOPHIE in 2006, transforming the way women would wear jewellery. Sophie Gyllenhammar's understanding of the needs and desires of the woman is well connected through very fabulous piece. Her creations embodied the perfect touch of style, combining earthly elegance with a world of colours. Her designs are enthusiastic, fun and playful, just like herself. She finds amusement in gemstones, pearls and diamonds. Treasure hunting with her grandmother’s small but eccentric jewellery collections sparked a lifelong love story. Sophie developed a fascination for how sparkling beauty can spring from rough mountains and rocks. In nature’s never ending supply of stones, Sophie Gyllenhammar identifies endless possibilities through combination and character. In Sophie’s world, each unique shifting, composition and small flaw of a gemstone bears witness of life and individuality.

Beautifully handcrafted combining the highest quality materials with stunning gemstones, pearls and diamonds. Our jewellery is adored by many celebrity fans, including the Swedish Royal family, and it's no surprise. We have the perfect pieces to reflect everyones's style.

The contemporary jewellery line is all about playfulness and unexpected combinations. Softness meets roughness, classic meets modern and strong colours play against each other. Reoccurring symbols of love, peace, hope and faith are daily reminders of timeless truths in a fast moving world.

In her designs, Sophie combines classic and contemporary with her own personal unmistakable touch. Styles of timeless sophistication come to life with a splashing of colorful stones and bold shapes. Her signature flair for contrast is a favorite among high society socialites, Royalties, such as the Swedish Royal Family, a diverse clientele of international stars, fashion icons, influencers and modern women of all ages looking to add a punch of attitude to their everyday style.

SOPHIE by SOPHIE’s fresh approach has made it the go-to brand for confident and stylish women of all ages.