"My vision is to create playful jewellery that adds an edgy and modern twist to timeless pieces. My favourite gemstone is the vibrant green Chrysoprase, as beautiful as it is powerful, it’s also said to eliminate negativity and encourage boldness, just like I try to do. I hope you will enjoy my pieces and find the fun & flair in jewellery made for bold expressions."

- Sophie, Founder & Designer of Sophie by Sophie

A young Sophie Gyllenhammar found her spark in her grandmother’s eccentric jewellery box where gems and precious stones captured her senses. Fascinated by how rough mountain rocks could transform into soft, shimmering beauty, a vision was born. In 2006, Sophie founded her brand, then called Sophie by Sophie, based on the precious Chrysophrase - the apple green gem with its encouraging powers of boldness and ability to eliminate negativity. Sophie would continue to develop timeless yet modern pieces full of expression. Sophie By Sophie creates curated jewellery for those who are conscious not just about style but the world around them. For the open-minded and free-spirited, from royals to inspirational men and women from all over the world. In addition to the shimmering beauty of gems and rocks, the brand has a strong foundation in charity work, with collections and items created to benefit organisations such as World Childhood Foundation and Wildhood Foundation.