Colour / Material: Gold plated silver with baroque beads
Length: 4 cm
Symbol size: 2.5 cm length and 1.5 cm wide 
Other: Store your valuable jewellery in our pouch you get with your purchase

All the stones we use are natural and organic which makes each stone unique in form and expression. This means that all our jewellery can differ in color, hue and form!

The baroque pearl is an expressive pearl with its distinctive shape. No baroque bead is the other similar and is available in different sizes and shades of color. Big and bulky, pretty and rough, oval bumpy or round and soft. It can change into white, pink and mother of pearl.

The baroque pearl is a freshwater pearl and often has a very high gloss as the pearl layer is thicker than other round pearls. Sometimes the pearl is completely solid and then consists of mother of pearl throughout. The name baroque pearl derives from the Italian "barocco" or the Portuguese "barroco" which means irregular pearl. The Baroque pearl was very popular during the Baroque period and even later during the Renaissance period.


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