General Terms & Conditions

1. These general terms and conditions of sale as set out below (the “Conditions of Sale”) shall apply to Sophie by Sophie’s supply to the Customer of any of the Products listed on this Website The Customers should carefully read the Conditions of sale before ordering any Products from this Website. By ordering any of Sophie by Sophie’s Products, the Customer agrees to be bound by the Conditions of Sale. The Customer should print a copy of the Conditions of Sale for future reference.

2. By clicking on the button marked “I Accept” at the end of the Order process the Customer accepts the Conditions of Sale. If the Customer refuses to accept them, he or she will not be able to Order any Products from this Website.

3. The Conditions of Sale is applicable from today, and until replaced or changed as per below.


1. "Customer" means the party ordering Products on the website.

2. “Delivery” means when the Products are delivered to the Customer.

3. “Grace Period” means the right to cancel the Order within fourteen (14) days from the day that the Customer received the Product(s) in accordance with the Swedish Distant Sales and Door-to-Door Sales Act (Sw. Distans- och hemförsäljningslagen).

4. “Sophie by Sophie” means (SOPHIE by SOPHIE Sales AB) reg. no. [556976-6685], [Östermalmsgatan 26 A, 114 26 Stockholm], which is the supplier of the Products provided on the Website.

5. “Product(s)” means the products provided for sale on the Website and supplied by Sophie by Sophie.

6. ”Order” means each order placed by the Customer on the Website.

7. “Order Confirmation” means when the Customer receives an email from Sophie by Sophie acknowledging the receipt of the Customer’s Order.

8.  “Website” means Sophie by Sophie’s website

Purchase of Products

1. Products presented on the Website are subject to availability and change without notice. 

2. The Customer may not purchase Products on the Website, and may not accept the Conditions of Sale if the Customer is not 18 years old and therefore not able to enter into a binding agreement with Sophie by Sophie. 

3.  In order to purchase Product(s) on Sophie by Sophie’s Website the Customer must confirm his or her acceptance of the Conditions of Sale.

4. The Customer will place an Order on the Website by adding the Product(s) to the “Shopping bag” and then go to “checkout ”. The Customer must also confirm his or her Order by clicking on the button marked “ finish purchase “ to the Customer’s Order.

5. The Customer’s Order for Product(s) shall be regarded as a binding offer to purchase Product(s) under the Conditions of Sale.

6. Orders are subject to acceptance by Sophie by Sophie and availability of the ordered Product(s). If ordered Product(s) is/are not available, Sophie by Sophie will notify the Customer by email and the Customer will have the option either to wait until the Product will be available from stock or to cancel the Order.

7. After placing an Order, the Customer will receive an email from Sophie by Sophie acknowledging the receipt of the Customer’s Order (“Order Confirmation”), which will constitute a binding agreement between the Customer and Sophie by Sophie.

8. The Order Confirmation will include all details of the Product(s), price(s) of the Product(s) including VAT and any other fees, delivery date(s), delivery costs, terms for payment, information regarding the Customer’s right to cancel within the Grace Period as per below and other services provided by Sophie by Sophie, and the terms to cancel the Order. 

Price & Payment

1. The price(s) for the Product(s) is/are stated in the Order Confirmation.  

2. All prices in the Order Confirmation are stated in [SEK, Euro, GBP and USD] and include applicable VAT and any other taxes, delivery costs and potential C.O.D fees. Purchasing Product(s) from countries outside of Sweden may also constitute payment of customs duties, which are not included in the price(s). Any customs duties payable shall be paid by the Customer to the customs or other relevant authorities in the country where the Product(s) is/are finally delivered.

3. The payment can be made with credit card.

4. In case of credit card payment the due amount will be drawn immediately.

5. In the event of late payment the Customer shall pay penalty interest according to an interest rate which by [eight (8)] percentage units exceed the reference rate under the Swedish Interest Act (Sw: räntelagen).

6. The prices stated on the Website and in each Order Confirmation are given with reservation for increased supplier prices, printing errors and any incorrect stated specifications.

7. The Product(s) shall remain the property of Sophie by Sophie until full payment has been made.


1. Delivery of the Product(s) in stock will be delivered within 3-5 business days. Fine Jewellery and special orders will be delivered within approximately 6-8 weeks.

Product(s) that are currently out of stock – If you sign up for our waiting list you will get an e-mail when the products are back in stock. 

2. Delivery of Orders within Sweden will be charged with a fixed freight rate. Delivery of Orders within the other European countries will be charged with a fixed freight rate. See Term of Delivery.

3. Sophie by Sophie reserves the right to adjust the freight rates and service fees as stated above in accordance with price increases occurring during the period between the day when the Order was placed and the day of Delivery.

4. The risk for the Product(s) passes to the Customer upon Delivery.


1. Delay on behalf of Sophie by Sophie exists if the Product(s) is/are not delivered or not delivered on time and the delay was not caused by the Customer, other causes for which the Customer is not liable, or Force Majeure. 

2. Upon delay, the Customer is entitled to withhold payment and claim performance of the Order or, if the delay is of major importance to the Customer, cancel the Order.


1. The Customer has the right under the Distant Sales and Door-to-Door Sales Act (Sw: Distans- och hemförsäljningslagen) to cancel the Order within fourteen (14) business days from the day that the Customer received the Product(s) (the “Grace Period”) (Sw: ångerrätt). 

2. The right to cancel is exercised by sending the Product(s) to Sophie by Sophie by registered mail.

3. If the Order is cancelled within the Grace Period any fee the Customer may have paid for the Product(s) will be refunded by Sophie by Sophie within [ 14 ] days from the day that Sophie by Sophie received the returned Product(s).


1. Product(s) is/are defective if the Product(s) deviates from what is set forth in the Order or in any respect deviates from the Customer’s legitimate expectations based upon information provided by Sophie by Sophie.

2.  If Product(s) is/are defective the Customer has the right to claim repair, re-delivery, price reduction or compensation to rectify the defect, withhold payment, or, if the defect is of major importance to the Customer, cancel the Order.

3. Sophie by Sophie has primarily the right to offer repair or re-delivery if it can be made within reasonable time and without any additional costs for the Customer.


1. The Customer must make a complaint of the defective Product(s) to Sophie by Sophie within reasonable time after the defect was discovered (Sw: reklamation).

2. The Customer must notify Sophie by Sophie why he or she considers the Product(s) to be defective. If the complaint is made within two (2) months after the defect was discovered it is always made on due date. After two (2) years the Customer has lost his or her right to make a complaint, unless no warranty states otherwise.

3. Sophie by Sophie will only bear the return costs if the Product(s) is/are defective or wrongly delivered.

4. If repair or re-delivery is not made within a reasonable time after the complaint was made, the Customer has the right to claim price reduction or to cancel the purchase of the relevant Product(s).

5. The right to cancel is exercised by sending an e-mail to or by calling +4686121240. Upon cancellation of the purchase of the relevant Product(s), the Customer shall return the Product(s) in accordance with the return procedure stated above.

6. Items on SALE are not refundable.