Sophie by Sophie works actively for a sustainable society with sustainability at all levels. We care about the environment, resources and people. Some areas we focus extra on in our sustainability work are metal and diamond handling, chemicals and packaging. Our workers are of legal working age, pair proper wages with contributions to their pension and work in a safe factory environment. 
Recycling of gold and silver.
We work continuously to check that the production of our manufacturers and subcontractors has as little environmental impact as possible. The manufacturers and suppliers who refine the gold, ie purify and separate the gold from other metals, we have chosen to work with through high requirements and rules regarding, among other things, chemicals, work environment and human rights. They also have a gold refining certification that guarantees responsible handling with both ethically and ecologically approved processes that meet laws and standards. Therefore, we can be proud that the majority of our gold and silver products  are also made of recycled metal. We also recycle our gold and silver in Sweden.
Diamonds for a just society
We want to contribute to a better world and not in any way support illegal trade and war. Therefore, we require that our suppliers only trade in diamonds according to the Kimberley Process certification system (a regulatory system for the international trade in rough diamonds according to EU regulations 2368-2002). You can therefore feel confident that the diamond jewellery we sell is not so-called conflict diamonds, as we only use suppliers who act in accordance with the Kimberley process.
Packaging that lasts over time
When it comes to sustainability, we do not want to leave anything to chance. We want to do everything we can to contributeto the government's goal of reducing both our and your plastic consumption. Therefore, we have completely removed the plastic bags and instead use our velvet dustbags and the paper bags and boxes you get from us are FSC-approved (FSC = Forest Stewardship Council), glued with organic glue and designed based on the idea that they can be reused, as long as an ornamental box in your home.