Find your bracelet size

How to measure your bracelet size?

Choosing the correct bracelet size depends how you want the bracelet to fit. The size around the wrist varies from person to person therefore we recommend measuring your wrist to find out if the size of the bracelet fits.

  • If you already have a bracelet that suits you, you can measure it.
  • To find out what size you have around your wrist, measure with a tape measure or use a string and then compare against a ruler.
  • Link and chain bracelets are normally given in circumference.
  • Cuff and bangles are normally indicated in diameter when the bracelet is threaded on without a lock.

Link and chain bracelets

  • Measure the circumference of the wrist with a tape measure or a string.
  • To get the best fit, measure your wrist where it is at its narrowest and where the bracelet should sit.
  • Remember not to measure too tight, there should be room left so that you can move your hand and wrist without it taking and pushing against.


Cuff and bangles

  • Measure the circumference by holding your hand together where it is thickest with a tape measure or a string or strip of paper, and then measure with a ruler.
  • To find out the diameter instead of the circumference, divide the result (circumference) divided by pi = 3.14.
  • ID = Inner diameter
  • O = Opening

How to put on a cuff bracelet and how should it fit?

This is actually a very common problem that many have and it is a bit tricky, but it is easy to learn follow these simple steps and your cuff will not break.

  • The first thing you’ll want is to locate your radius and your ulna bone, situated in the middle of the fore arm, the narrowest part of the wrist.
  • Point your thumb facing up. This exposes your cuff to the narrowest part of your forearm and to your radius bone.
  • Place the cuff’s opening about one inch behind your wrist.
  • Wiggle your wrist back and forth while lightly pushing your bracelet opening down over your radius bone. As you slightly wiggle back and forth, you’ll feel the tendons move out of the way (flexible tissue that let us move our limbs). Your cuff will work its way lower and once you work past your ulna bone, it’s on. Simple rotate your bracelet right, so that it’s lying flat/comfortable on your wrist. If you move it forward over the bump of the ulna bone it will stay put. If your bracelet isn’t at least slightly over your ulna bone’s bump, then it will slowly work its way off as you move your wrist.

Taking off the Cuff Bracelet

  • Push the bracelet behind the ulna bone’s bump, so it’s around an inch behind your wrist.
  • Turn your wrist so that your thumb is up.
  • Turn the bracelet toward you, moving the opening over your ulna bone.
  • Wiggle your wrist back and forth. It will work its way over the bone, past the tendons and off your radius bone. Never pull hard, just slightly apply pressure upward, as you work the bracelet off.

How Big Should the Opening of a Cuff Bracelet Be?

  • When you invest in a cuff bracelet you’ll want to adjust the opening, so once it’s on, it will fit snuggly. It needs wiggling to put it on and to take it off, but do not pull to open.
  • The opening width of a cuff bracelet should approximately be 35 mm for Small Size (15-18 cm wrist circumference), 38 mm for Medium Size (18-21 cm wrist circumference) and 41 mm for Large Size (21-24 cm wrist circumference).