From an early age, Swedish born Sophie Gyllenhammar found amusement in gems and precious stones. A young girl treasure hunting her grandmother’s small but eccentric jewellery collection sparked a lifelong love story. Sophie developed a fascination for how sparkling beauty can spring from rough mountains and rocks. In nature’s never ending supply of stones, she identifies endless possibilities through combination and character. In Sophie’s world, each unique shifting, composition and small flaw of a gemstone bears witness of life and individuality.

In her designs, Sophie combines classic and contemporary with her own personal unmistakable touch. Styles of timeless sophistication come to life with a splashing of colorful stones and bold shapes. This signature flair for contrast has earned Sophie a diverse clientele of international fashion icons, royalties and modern women of all ages looking to add a punch of attitude to their everyday style.

It’s no surprise that Sophie feeds her imagination with the little details of life, from the spectacle of a grand church window to nature’s random shapes and formations.

Sophie feels strongly about social responsibility and is dedicated to charity projects through The World Childhood Foundation and Swedish MinStoraDag foundation, aiming to make dreams of critically ill children come true.


Sophie Gyllenhammar launched her eponymous fine jewellery line in 2010.  Inspired by vintage jewellery, Sophie has created classic jewellery with a playful, modern twist exuding personality and individuality. The exclusive pieces are handmade using only the finest stones in vibrant colours, strong shapes and unusual combinations. Each original piece is infused by Sophie’s passion for antique jewellery and signature storytelling using gemstones, colour and curious combinations.